Private cliente.
Forglen Estate, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

The earliest records of this house are from a census carried out in the 1840’s.  In line with local building traditions, the house was constructed with 1/2 metre thick field stone walls set 5 metres apart, as is typical of many rural buildings of that time that are still in existence today.

The brief for this project was to extend the living space at ground floor into part of the existing shed footprint and to create a strong link to the garden.  The proposal raises the shed roof to create a clear storey above the old stone walls and unify the old and new roof geometries whilst taking advantage of differences in ground level to bring the garden up to the window at eye level.

The new floor, walls and roof are to be super-insulated and with high performance glazing the need for heating, even in the Scottish climate will be reduced to an absolute minimum.