Association for Young Catalan Architects (AJAC).
Completed 2008.
Carrer Comte Urgell, Mercat de Sant Antoni, Barcelona.

In 2008, the office submitted an idea for the annual competition run by the Association for Young Catalan Architects – “eXPeriences – young architects and small spaces” to design the display for a shop window in the popular Sant Antoni area of the city.

Basar Vidal is a small, traditional shop full of kitchenware of all types.  As with many traditional shops in Barcelona, the shop window is bigger than the interior and the majority of the stock is kept on display in the window.

Our proposal was to promote the emblematic anti-drip carafe designed by architect Rafael Marquina Audouard by graphically representing its form at a much larger scale, to grab the attention of the passer-by and invite them to look closer at the carafes that were arranged in the window. The budget for the installation was limited to 150€ and used a semi-transparent transfer printed to the dimensions of the shop window.

The anti-drip carafe is considered a pioneering piece of industrial design and demonstrates that architects can work successfully in other areas of design and at other scales.